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Become a member

As a member, you have the opportunity to participate in numerous online and offline courses and events or to be a teacher yourself and realize your own course or event. Explore the different membership options below.

YOG·AMIGA - Association for the Preservation of Holistic Health and Artistic Expression.

Our mission is to unite people and promote mental, physical, and emotional well-being through teaching and practice.

We want every individual to have the opportunity to find and nourish their own practice and routine to cultivate their well-being through body, mind, and soul.

Basic Membership

Become a member and participate in numerous yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes, individual sessions in person, music events, and online courses, workshops, and seminars on yoga, holistic health, and artistic expression.

The membership fee is 10.00 € per year. Membership is mandatory for participating in classes, etc.

Membership plus

Become active yourself and implement what you want to convey and what makes you feel alive. Plan your own course, workshop, conference, retreat, or event with us that contributes to the preservation of holistic health and artistic expression, and take advantage of the benefits of Yog·Amiga.

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